The Whale | A Journey between Two Worlds



The Whale | A journey between two worlds project is an individually crafted Logo, Icon or Symbol, and not used to represent a company, business or individual. The Whale is a concept sketch idea created in one of my many notebooks. The sketch gradually made its way to the computer and is now an individually crafted Logo, Icon or Symbol. ​​​​​​​Created and inspired by the ocean where Mother Nature is giving its many wonders to us. In our daily life we consume water so easily in our drinks wether its tea, coffee or any other refreshing beverage. 
We often forget that water comes from a bigger source other than the supermarket or our favourite café. Questioning the little things in life to understand a bigger picture is something we don't often do anymore. 
It's when we stand still with a curious childlike heart, that we then really see what is right in front of us.

Graphic Design, Print design

The Whale | A Journey in between Two WorldsWhale logo design sketch Tucreate Delft

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Glass Water Bottle Whale logo Print