Nederlandse Dove Jongeren

Nederlandse Dove Jongeren

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Mid 2014 NDJ was in search for a new identity where they explained who they represented and what their goals are as an organization. NDJ (Nederlandse Dove Jongeren) is a Dutch organization representing for the deaf society.

With the logo assignment in 2014 I have created several projects more for them since.

Branding, Identity, Print

Hallo gebarentaal dutch sign language | Tucreate illustration illustratie gebarenkaart

NDJ Nederlandse dove jongeren website | Tucreate web design delft website maken Rotterdam

Nederlandse dove jongeren logo design | Tucreate logo maken Delft

Color palette Nederlandse dove jongeren NDJ | Tucreate logo design grafisch ontwerp branding Delft

Gebarenkaart Dutch sign language card NDJ | Tucreate branding online offline designs Delft Rotterdam

Stationery design kantoorartikelen briefpapier ontwerp | Tucreate Delft branding merk designer

Tote bag eco tas recycle tas boodschappentas | Tucreate print design

ledenkaart gembercard design ontwerp | Tucreate